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The Logo for Heart-Centered Depth Work. Click to learn more.
The Logo for Heart-Centered Depth Work. Click to learn more.

To come to peace with yourself, you first must know your self.

To know yourself, you must take the time to learn to go inside, actually spend time with many levels of yourself—the known, and as of yet, unknown, see how this inner world is populated, learn to accept all of it—the conscious, as well as unconscious aspects waiting to be discovered. The key is learning to love yourself unconditionally. This is not a ‘better than you’, narcissistic, or romantic ego-love. It’s a deep, compassionate willingness to come face to face in an on-going conversation with yourself, getting to know the everyday self as well as The Self.  Deep spiritual engagement requires that we first come to terms with the ego, with our mind, our habitual, unconscious thoughts and actions. This is where we begin.

This work assists you to have the tools to engage the process, to do the necessary work at the human personality level, ever deepening over time. The process will not be rushed. There are always ‘ducks to be gotten in a row’ before the next thing can happen, then another group of ducks, and then taking on that which has arisen, and integrating it. It’s a life time journey. The space of Unconditional Love holds the container as we explore more deeply into the psyche. Read this: So, What Do I Do Now?

On our own, we typically don’t explore those aspects of self that seems too difficult, embarrassing, or confusing to know. It’s very helpful, even essential, to have a guide who can navigate through the fears that arise, and interpret and untangle the various paradoxes and unknowns you encounter along the way. That’s what this work is about: to provide a knowledgeable guide for the journey as you develop your ability to access your own inner wisdom.  This journey, basically a spiritual journey, requires psychological depth work.  Depth work requires earlier ego psychological development; however, the ego cannot engage this journey.  It is a journey of a different nature.  It’s a process of moving beyond the ego, and requires that we have a strong enough ego to allow it to take a secondary place/dissolve its leadership role/subordinate itself to the Self and engage in partnership with the Self.  This second level of work with the ego, and all the material from the Unconscious, requires different processes and skills.

We’ll create the eyes of an inner non-judgmental observer and witness state of consciousness which helps us see more clearly and get to know our marvelous Multi-Dimensional Self, as well as shadow material, as well as our connection with what can be called the Self, Divine Essence, Source, the Ground of Being, or the Mystery.  Read more: The Unconscious.

As you explore the dance of the opposites within, you’ll learn to appreciate your vast inner resources which have been mostly unconscious. Read more: Multi-Dimensional Psyche.

The Heart Center, sourced in Unconditional Love, seeing with non-judgmental eyes enables you to go deeper into your conscious and unconscious aspects with reduced fear of ‘digging up stuff you can’t handle or don’t know how to deal with’, and enables the ego to consciously present itself to your life and to your spiritual work. Otherwise, we’re too fearful and self judgmental to do the deeper work. You learn the difference between self critical judgments and simple behavioral assessments. You learn you don’t have to make your ego be better or prove you’re better than you are. You learn to just be.

This space of non-judgmental acceptance and Unconditional Love builds the trust, both within an individual and within a group working together, that creates the vehicle for our individual processes to unfold as we journey to wholeness and inner peace which then radiates outward from our center.

This website attempts to present a linear map of the content and processes underlying the experiences of Heart Centered Depth Work.


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