Meet Judith


icon-judithFor more than thirty years, I was in private practice in Southern California, opening my own office, The Center for Conscious Living, in Huntington Beach, in 1985.  Prior to that I’d taught high school English, received my PhD and interned at The University of Maryland, researched stress in law enforcement, and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Criminal Justice and a Psychologist in the University Counseling Center at California State University, Long Beach. Read more: My Beginnings

Looking for ways to deal with inner and outer stresses, I began to hear about ‘transformation’, something new on the horizon at the time. Not knowing what it meant, I knew I was called in this direction. I had two experiences that took me into my own inner work, ever deepening for thirty five years. Deepening my process led me to my destiny, my passion: tending to my own journey and guiding others in this most precious and amazing life changing adventure. Read more: My Path

I realized that transformation began with a calling, a realization, sometimes sudden, some times gradual,  an awareness of something more.  Then years of coming to consciousness, clearing the old misperceptions, knowing oneself in the most beautiful and intimate, joyous ways. The induction to the heart center and unconditional love opened the way, creating a feeling of coming home to myself, appreciating how everything, including my suffering, my confusions, and all of my inadequacies as well as my talents, served a purpose in the soul’s journey. Read more: The Heart Center

Letting go and learning to place my self, my ego, in accord with my soul’s deepest calling became a life-enhancing experience for me, and has continued to reveal itself to me over the years, in its own time.   It’s an inner process, opening to the Unconscious, making friends with this inner world, accessing your own inner wisdom, coming to inner peace. Read more: The Work

I’ve been given a number of special teachers along the way. Foundational to my work is Dr. Brugh Joy, with whom I spent almost thirty years in the circle, a teacher of heart-centered energy, intuitional work, and Jungian, depth, psycho-spiritual work. I learned to open to The Unconscious, including the shadow and the transcendent aspects. Read more: The Unconscious

I’m a student of yoga, of meditation, of Eastern traditions, and have traveled to India, China, Tibet, Nepal, Bali, Borneo, Turkey.  For about 30 years I conducted a monthly intensive, The Anger Therapy Workshop, and led ongoing depth groups called Adventurers in Consciousness I, II, and III, including on-going weekly meetings, intensives and retreats.   And all of these, and more, inform my work.  I do not fit into any easily defined boxes, and have found Truth and access to the Divine in very unexpected places. I’ve found that accessing The Heart Center, a state of consciousness which can hold all opposites, opens the way to fully engage your deepest journey.

I am forever a student of the Mystery.