The Logo

The Nautilus YinYang

The Tao…. The way of Nature
The Circle contains everything
The union of all opposites, masculine and feminine
The dark and the light, body and mind
Conscious and Unconscious

Everything turns into its opposite
Day turns into night, night turns into day
Death turns into life
Life turns into death

The Heart holds the Center.
Everything springs from the Center
There is inner work to do

Dark in the womb Life germinates
Grows from the Heart, step by step, compartment by compartment
Life expressing itself

Unconditional Love recognizes everything as part of its womb,
Makes no distinctions, no exclusions
Love unites heaven and earth, light and shadow,
Owned and disowned.
There is inner work to do
Go deeper to your Center
Gifts hidden under disowned aspects.
Wholeness cries out ‘Love is inclusive’

Invites you to open to the way of the Tao
Step into your inner circle,
Name and claim all of you
Untangle the confusions
Unconditional Love beckons:
“Love your self”

The inner journey of wholeness
There is inner work to do

The circle creates a temenos
Step into your circle
Populate it with recognition of the sacred residing within
Open to Love

Unconditional Love
Inner Peace