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There comes a time when you know you must answer the Call, the call to become who you truly are, to engage your Soul’s journey, to find inner peace.

When the inner call comes—you know what I mean if you’ve had that inner call—you can:

•  Say ’No’
•  Pretend you didn’t hear it and go on about your business
•  Say ’No, not now’, or
•  Say ‘Yes’.

Perhaps you’ve said ‘Yes,’ or are ready to say ‘Yes.’ It’s time now to go deeper. Something in you realizes this isn’t an academic pursuit. It’s a shift in consciousness and entails upheavals in what you thought your life was about. It’s time to get on ‘your track,’ even forge a new path, across a rickety bridge into the fog, toward unknown destinations, on an unfolding journey lasting not less than a life time. Read more: the Call.

You’d like to engage the process, but don’t know how. You’ve had life experiences, therapy, even explored the deeper venues of life, but don’t know how to really take them on. You need a different kind of support.

I’ve moved from being a more traditional psychologist, to one with a psycho-spiritual focus assisting those who’ve already done basic psychological work but feel their life still isn’t the way it should be.  Perhaps you’re seeking depth exploration into the unconscious to deal with woundings, patterns, beliefs, fears, in a transforming way, as well as deepening your soul’s connection with source.  It’s a renovation of consciousness based on unconditional love. Explore these pages to learn more about this in-depth work:


If this resonates with you and you’re ready to engage the process, open to Unconditional Love, and do the necessary inner work as you answer your call for deeper exploration, I invite you to continue to explore my website. Sign up for my email list. Subscribe to my blog, right.  Learn more about me and where I come from.  Check it out with what makes sense to you.  See if it’s right for you to consider participating at this time in any of the work I offer.  See what your inner call is. If we decide to work together, I’ll support you in your deepening psychological and spiritual process. Read more about what to do next.

As my teacher says, “Come on in, the water’s fine.’



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What Others Say

"Dr. Judith Milburn is one of the great guides and evokers of the dimensions of the human spirit in our time. Her mastery of psychological and spiritual healing and transformation is unique in my experience. Simply, there is no one better. To be with Judith Milburn as student or client is to be with a master. She brooks no whiny nay-saying; she brings one through old shadows and ways of being to an enlightened state of personal and professional renaissance.

"Working with Judith, one discovers the higher destiny that had previously eluded, and, with it, powers and principles for living of which one had only dreamed."

—Jean Houston, Ph.D
Scholar, philosopher, and researcher in human capacities, a principal founder of the human potential movement.

What Others Say

"Not only is Dr. Milburn an experienced clinician who helps people transform their life challenges, she is a superior teacher of deep soul work. With her guidance you will be led to your own wisdom and wholeness."

—Carolyn Conger, PhD
Author, Through the Dark Forest: Transforming Your Life in the Face of Death Teacher of the healing arts, psychological well being, spiritual deepening, creative expression, and preparation for dying.

What Others Say

"A superb invitation awakening the reader to a larger and more honest reality of Life—to a dance with the soul."

—Brugh Joy, upon reading Judith's writings.

What Others Say

"I have gratefully referred many people—including friends and fellow mental health professionals—to Dr Judith Annette Milburn, and have consistently received very positive feedback on her work. Her ability to help people grow is exceptional."

—Roger Walsh MD, Ph.D., DHL
Professor Psychiatry, University California, Irvine Author and explorer of enhancing physical, psychological, social, spiritual wellbeing and consciousness, contemplative practitioner.

What Others Say

"When you feel ready to seek a richer understanding of your life, and also wish to cherish it more deeply, Judith Milburn, Ph.D., is the person you want as mentor and courageous companion.

"She is fearless, and knows how to teach fearlessness. She is wise and knows how to nurture wisdom. She is compassionate and knows how to inspire compassion. She is a healer and knows how to encourage healing.

"Dr. Judith Milburn is a true guide for soul journeys into the authentic and sacred centers of human life. And she brings humor, delight and profound experience to the endeavor, as well."

—Peggy Rubin
Director of the Center for Sacred Theatre. Author, To Be and How to Be: Transforming Your Life Through Sacred Theatre.