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There are two basic components to Heart Centered Depth Work: the educational component and the personal depth work.

Educational Materials

It is my intent to utilize this website, as well as various other digital media, to provide educational materials which can be helpful in your own growth and development. Development of a website such as this has a life of its own and seems to lead the preparer to the next level of material. I’m opening myself to this journey and will see what wants to happen.

These educational materials are not a substitute for individual therapy and inner work. I’d encourage you to connect with a therapist to explore your own work which can often take you in unexpected directions. If you find yourself becoming triggered and reactionary in response to these materials, it probably means that something is getting triggered that it would be helpful for you to explore. Having a trained, aware therapist, comfortable with depth work, can be an essential part of the journey. Many of you may find this material helpful in your exploration of inner material. For others, it may provide new concepts to assist you in beginning  your journey.

I’ve presented some of the basic material on this website and will continue to present other material on an ongoing basis through the blog (subscribe, right), guided processes that can be downloaded,  a Facebook page, and other writing. It’s also possible that I may create an online course.

In addition, I am available for public presentations. Contact me about these.

Heart Centered Personal Depth Work

The personal depth work is aimed at assisting another to become aware of their own unconscious aspects, the Multi Dimensionality of their psyche, their patterns and processes. Even when it’s pointed out to us, our tendency is to deny the Unconscious. So how can we work with it when we don’t know it exists, don’t recognize it when we see it, and are often hesitant to look more deeply because of our self critical judgments?

With willingness and diligent work, practice and more practice, the Unconscious and its riches can open to us. As your guide through this process, I bring nearly thirty five years doing my own inner work, and almost as many working with other seekers. Read more: My Path

I offer the following opportunities in Heart-Centered Depth Work.   I will be announcing the scheduling of such events through my mailing list and blog.  Individual and couples work is available as appropriate.

Contact me to find out more about any of these:

•  A Free Get-Acquainted-not therapy- Phone Call

If you are interested in exploring deeper work with me, please contact me, and I’ll send you more information on how we can proceed with a free get-acquainted phone call.

•  Individual Depth Work

This can be on a once a week basis. or if you’re coming from out of town, we can create a schedule to meet your needs.

•  Couples Depth Work

For couples comfortable with discussing their own depth material, as well as that of their relationship, and who want couples work, which may also include individual sessions.  Scheduled according to needs of the couple.

 If you are interested in exploring if this work is for you, here are things to do.

•  Sign up for my Mailing List to receive my blog and updates and information regarding public presentations.

•  If you’re considering engaging in face to face work, and would like a free get-acquainted phone call, contact me for preparation for this call.  This call is not for the purpose of conducting therapy. It’s a brief opportunity to determine whether to pursue further work.